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Do not wear flip-flops!

S.A.R.B. BP 5113

Besides the inherent loss of crucial learning time and subsequent reflection on grades, excessive absences or tardiness may result in retention or referral to the School Attendance Review Board for legal recourse.  It is against the law to keep your child out of school.

Truancy Defined:  If a student has more than three (3) excused or unexcused absences, or more than three (3) tardies over 30 minutes, or a combination of either totaling more than three (3), the district or school can move forward with the notification process.  Additionally, an absence anytime throughout the day in excess of 30 minutes without a valid excuse is treated in the same manner as an unexcused absence and warrants written notification to parents.


Regular school attendance is fundamentally important to the academic success of a child.  The goal of Lone Pine Unified School District is consistent school attendance. 


To begin the SARB process:


  • After 3 absences or tardies, the first Excessive Absence Notice will be sent.  At that time, the parent is encouraged to contact the principal to discuss the situation.


  • After 1 or more absences or tardies following the 1stnotice, the 2ndnotice will be sent.  At this time parents will be given an appointment date and time to meet with the principal to resolve the issue.


  • If the parent makes no effort to resolve the issue with the administration, the SARB secretary will be asked to schedule a SARB hearing date.


  • If the parent does meet with the principal, yet the student is absent or tardy again, the SARB secretary will be asked to schedule a SARB hearing date.


  • Once a SARB hearing date is requested by the district or school site, the District Attorney’s office will send notification to the parents in the form of a SARB summons letter.


  • A hearing will be held to discuss the issues surrounding the child’s attendance.  A ruling will be made by the court.


Noncompliance may result in a monetary fine or further legal action.